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CSS spy is a useful application for web-designers and web-developers
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CSS spy is a very useful application for those web-designers and web-developers who need to work with web-pages and their coding quite often. Nowadays the Web 2.0 standards have actively replaced the concept of tables by the use of CSS. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. They are used to set the style properties of any HTML page. These styles include background colors, positioning of elements, font sizes and properties and many more. Thus CSS Spy is one of the best choices for working out with the CSS style codes of web pages. The main advantage of CSS spy is that it is very small in size and does not consume much of system resources and thus it can run efficiently even on low end computer systems. CSS Spy has got an intuitive and user-friendly interface which efficiently guides its users to create W3C compliant CSS files. Furthermore, the program can also show in real time the item published in Internet Explorer and Mozilla. According to the CSS spy manufacturer, the program can contain inaccuracies or errors because the program is under development. This version has been classified as a release candidate. So it does not ask for any money and it never expires.

Neeraj Joshi
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